How Excessive Sweating Can Be Treated Using AnIontophoresis Machine


Iontophoresis is a technique of introducing ionic medicinal compounds into the body via the skin by using an electric current. These compounds are mainly applied to those that experience excessive sweating and can be for both hands and legs. This is an effective cure for sweating. This treatment works in such a way that it introduces a weak current into the sweat glands on the feet or hands to stop them from excreting sweat for some time that can last for several weeks. Usually, the weak electric current is generated by a machine and the current transferred to your hands or feet using a shallow tray of water.

The Sweaty feet treatment is suitable for you because it has no adverse side effects. You need not worry about the safety issue because the electric current that is generated is not powerful to bring any harm to your skin. This current is however appropriate for giving relief by avoiding excessive sweating. The process of using the iontophoresis machine is not complicated. You only have to follow simple guidelines while using it. The procedure starts by you placing either your hands or feet on the shallow trays of water.

The Sweaty hands machine is then connected to the shallow tray to generate weak electric current. The moment the current is activated, you should leave your feet or hands in the trays for not less than twenty minutes at a time. In case you are a beginner in the use of the iontophoresis machine, then you have to be using it repeatedly until the sweating stops. If you do that, then the excessive sweating will after ten treatments. There are some people that experience severe sweating, and therefore for the treatment, it will take an extended period. All you are required to perform is be consistent with the procedure, and it will work.

After the treatments have successfully prevented the sweating, you can then move to a maintenance program of treatments. These maintenance programs are meant to make your feet and hands dry. Normally, it is recommended that you have an iontophoresis procedure once every three to four weeks. However, that is an approximate hence your session may be longer or shorter. Before buying the iontophoresis machine, it is good if you got more information about it. When you have more knowledge, then that makes it easy for you to select the best machine for your utilization. You need not suffer from hyperhidrosis when an iontophoresis machine is available. To read more about the benefits of Iontophoresis, go to .